Lavon Lake Hunting

Lavon Lake hunting policy


Approximately 6,500 acres in Collin County are available for public hunting. Hunting is not the exclusive use of these areas. Some areas may be used by hikers, equestrian riders, bird watchers, etc, so please exercise caution.  While much of the boundary is fenced and marked, some areas are not. It is the hunter’s responsibility to become familiar with the area and the limits of public lands.  Hunting on public land does not give any person the right to cross or enter private property and you could be charged with trespassing.


Beginning December 01, 2015, all hunters 17 years of age and older must obtain a permit each year. Hunters between the ages of 9-17 (minors) are eligible for a permit with proof of Hunters Safety Course, but it is not required for minors to hunt. A single permit is good for all hunting areas and all legal game during the permit period. Permit periods will be concurrent with the Texas Parks and Wildlife (TPWD) hunting license renewal dates. The permit requires a valid hunter safety card or proof of exemption (photo ID for age exemption), a signed liability waiver.  Failure to provide any of the above items will result in the application being denied. Hunters must complete a hunter activity survey online in order to renew permit; survey will automatically be prompted during renewal of hunting permit. Returning hunters with the previous year’s Lavon Lake Hunting Permit MUST go online at to renew their permit. New hunters, or if a minor or you did not receive the previous year’s permit you can apply through the mail or via of email. When appling you need to provide:

1) Disclaimer and Waiver of liability, 2) Proof of their completed hunter's safety course.

This information can be mailed, or emailed to:

ATTN: Hunting Coordinator

3375 Skyview Dr.

Wylie, TX 75098


Failure to provide Both of the documents will result in denial of permit. Incomplete application will not be saved. Third party applications will not be accepted.All permitted hunters will receive a permit card and vehicle tag.  All hunters must have this card on their person and the vehicle tag displayed when hunting at Lavon Lake. By accepting this hunting permit, hunters acknowledge receipt and understanding of hunting regulations and applicable state laws. Hunting without a valid hunting permit will constitute the issuance of citation. These requirements apply to all hunters regardless of season or game hunted.

Hunter Safety Course

All persons hunting on Corps managed land must follow the TPWD guidelines for Hunter Safety Course requirements. For Hunters Safety Course proof of exemption, Concealed handgun permits do not satisfy this requirement. Hunter Education Courses from other states will be accepted. *See Age Requirements*

Age Requirements

Person(s) younger than 17 years of age must be accompanied (within normal voice control) by an Lavon Permitted adult with a hunter’s safety certification and valid Texas hunting license. .

Blaze Orange

All hunters are required to wear a minimum of 400 square inches of daylight fluorescent orange above the waist (at least 144 square inches must be visible on both the chest and back) and some type of orange head wear when in designated hunting areas (Except for waterfowl hunters in their hunting spot).  All dogs in the hunting area must wear a Blaze orange safety vest.

Authorized Weapons

Hunting the legal game noted below is permitted in designated hunting areas only. In areas 6-13 feral hogs may be hunted with Shotguns, Sabot Slugs now permitted, in all other areas Feral hogs: bow and crossbow only. Anyone hunting with a shotgun may not use, or possess any shot larger than #2. The use of non-toxic USFWS approved shot is required for all waterfowl hunting. All weapons must be unloaded when transported to, from, or between hunting sites. Rifles, airguns, handguns, and muzzleloaders are prohibited. All applies to all hunting area unless specially noted above.

Safety Buffer

Hunting is prohibited anywhere Corps signs are posted stating "No Hunting” as well as within 600 feet of adjoining land with occupied dwellings, or within 600 feet of the boundaries of developed parks and roads. In areas 6-13 safety buffer is increased to 1000 feet

Hunting Blinds

Natural hunting blinds made of loose materials or portable blinds are authorized for hunting feral hogs or waterfowl. No standing vegetation, live or dead, may be cut for any purpose. Hunting blinds may not be built in, nailed or screwed to trees. Tree stands are restricted to portable, non-bark penetrating types only. Stands must be removed when not in actual use. Screw in or nail in tree steps and spikes are prohibited. All stands and blinds must be marked with Name, Phone Number and Address.

Sport Chasing/Trapping

Dogs may be used to hunt rabbits, squirrels, game birds, feral hogs (Areas 6-13 only) and migratory game birds in compliance with TPWD regulations. Any hunter using dogs in legal hunting activities must exercise control over their dog(s), dog(s) may not exceed 6 dogs per dog handler, and must have GPS tracking collars worn at all times. Raccoons, foxes, and coyotes may be chased for sport. Trapping or snaring all animals is prohibited. Dog(s) may not be used for Feral Hogs in any other area.

Legal Game/Seasons

Dove, squirrel, rabbit, waterfowl, upland game birds, and feral hogs. Hunting seasons and bag limits are determined by the State of Texas .  All state hunting laws apply on Corps of Engineers managed lands. Feral Hog hunting will be suspended during ALL Collin County Deer Seasons (30 September 2022 - 16 January 2023.)


Camping is not allowed within the hunting areas or at access points. Camping is available only in designated campsites at public parks around the lake.


It is a violation of Federal regulations to drive a vehicle through, around, or beyond a restrictive sign, recognizable barricade, fence, or traffic control barrier. Use of any motorize vehicles is prohibited in hunting areas. Unauthorized use of vehicles or ATV’s may constitute trespassing and/or citation and/or revocation of hunting permit. Vehicles should not be parked blocking gates. All vehicles must visibly display the vehicle hunting tag. There are no designated parking areas for Hunting Areas, State and Local Laws apply.


Each permitted hunter must complete a hunter activity survey within 12 months of the issue date of the permit and/or before the issue of next year’s permit. This survey will be used to compile information about hunting activity and harvest data at Lavon Lake. Failure to complete a hunter activity survey will be grounds for denial of future permits.


Violators of any of these provisions are subject to a fine and/or loss of hunting privileges. By accepting a hunter registration card, hunters agree that they have been furnished a copy of and understand this policy and agree to comply with it and all applicable state hunting laws.


Additional information may be obtained by calling the Lavon Lake Office at (972) 442-3141, and in the Fort Worth District Hunting Guide. This condensed hunting policy statement may not be all-inclusive. If a specific question or situation is not addressed here, contact the Lavon Lake Office for more information or clarification. The Corps is not responsible for any private property lost or damaged while using Corps property.     




SUBJECT: Policy for Hunting Applications and Permits 

1. Effective 01 December 2014, the following policy is in effect regarding applying for, receiving, and issuing Lavon Lake Hunting Permits for both Lavon Lake Staff and the general public. 

2. Hunting Applications ONLY be accepted by email, or mail service. 

3. Lavon Lake Hunting Permits can only be obtained the three following ways:

a.Mail. Mail the hunting permit application waiver form, and the Hunter's Education Certification to:

Lavon Lake, USACE

Attn: Hunting Coordinator

3375 Skyview Drive

Wylie, TX 75098

b. Email. Email the hunting permit application form, and Hunter's Education certification to:

Email address:

Subject line:  Lavon Lake Hunting Application 2022-2023

c. Online at for returning hunters with the previous year’s Lavon Lake Hunting Permit. 

4. Returning hunters with the previous year’s Lavon Lake Hunting Permit MUST go online at to renew their permit.

For additional questions, please contact the Lavon Lake Office at 972-442-3141.